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Sit up and take notes - It’s online onboarding time!

Sit up and take notes - It’s online onboarding time!

A story about online onboarding from the experience of our HR team member, Bojana Mrđa.

The face-to-face kind of interview sounds unusual nowadays. It is researched that 63% of HR employers held online job interviews in past year. But how does it look when you don’t have a chance to meet the interviewer and future colleague in person?

I had a chance to experience that. I felt how it looks like to start a job in new firm in conditions we live in today and if you are interested in having a job at enjoy.ing, let me escort you through online onboarding process - from the very beginning of the selection process, over the interview and to the job accepting and starting.

Selection process

In my case, whole process of selection and recruiting took very long. Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, my first and last interview were months apart. Despite that, I have been getting every information needed from employees of enjoy.ing and I have not felt neglected during that long period.

This gave me a look into the company’s culture - the company that takes care about its employees, about the communication and relationship between employees, clients, candidates, and co-workers.


Although I got used to face-to-face interviews, I had a very pleasant experience with enjoy.ing! The stage fright was present as much as in classic interview, but online interview brings comfort and decreases the tension. The behavior of the candidate and the interviewer can be noticed as much as in live conversation.

The process of selection also included technical knowledge and role play. That was my first time as a candidate with that kind of interview and it was held live. I was extremely nervous because of it, but after that I had a very pleasant feeling because the colleagues immediately gave me feedback about my results.

After getting and taking the job offer, communication continued to be great! Technical processes such as contract signing and borrowing equipment went easy, which just improved my first impression of enjoy.ing.

enjoy.ing the new start

My first day at enjoy.ing started with a morning meeting where I was welcomed by whole HR team. This was a usual meeting over Teams, but this welcome meant a lot to me as I was a new employee at that moment. They all made me feel like part of a team. Clear instructions about onboarding process, timeline and open communication brought the feeling of comfort to ask a question when I need to and to share my opinion with the rest of the team.

After one week of work, I have got a 360-degree feedback from my colleagues. They have also asked for my feedback, experiences, and notices. I was very delighted by validation and respect of employees and of everyone’s opinion. Having in mind my previous experiences, I did not expect this well-designed introduction into business. I have got plenty of time to research, try and to finish my tasks on time.

I am aware that it will not always be ideal, that there will be unattainable deadlines, but the fact that the company takes care about its employees is one of the most important things in a relationship between an employee and employer.

P.S. Onboarding for techies at enjoy.ing differs a bit - it suits to their roles in companies. But, from what I heard from colleagues, feeling of being welcome and appreciated is the same.

Author: Bojana Mrđa, Junior Recruiter at enjoy.ing

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