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.NET Developer / Expert Profile


Prague, Brno (Czech Republic)

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Imagine a world where a single team has to design, build, test, run and monitor complex (web and mobile) applications that need to be available 24/7 for a large group of users (131 million clients using developed financial products across the world). For this team, improving these apps multiple times a day is just another day in the office.  And if something goes wrong, they’ll know it before customers experience this problem.  And this team doesn’t panic when a company decides to launch a nationwide sales campaign that will increase traffic by 500% ‒ the team members just scale up.  Or, better still, the system will scale up automatically and notify the team.

If users have a bad experience with this app, the teams have smart logging and monitoring in place, which will help them to re-create the experience and fix the issue. They also work completely transparently, and therefore discussions about priorities and planning are held quickly, with a clear outcome. And because our teams have real experts in their fields, they’re always looking to improve their technical and personal development, and the development of their teams.

We’re therefore looking for a senior engineer with .NET Developer/Expert profile to join us. This person will help us develop financial products ina worldwide business-driven company dedicated to state-of-the-art technology!

We’re EmbedIT, a Czech “born and bred” IT company, which drives IT solutions for the Home Credit business, mainly in the Asian market, from 3 Czech cities (Prague, Brno and Ostrava) and with roughly 700 IT engineers. Founded in 1997, Home Credit is an international consumer finance provider operating in 9 markets. We focus on responsible lending primarily to people with little or no credit history. Our services are simple, easy-to-use, and fast. We offer our customers point-of-sale (POS) loans, cash loans and revolving loan products, through our online and physical distribution network. Customers typically start with our point-of-sale financing in stores. Reliable clients can then make use of a wider range of consumer credit products. Ultimately, we provide fully developed branch-based consumer lending. We process 200 million financial transactions per day.

We’re looking for a senior experienced .NET developer/expert with multiple experience of projects, who will be responsible for developing a specific part in the lifecycle of a financial product. As we have 50 development teams, we’ll be able to provide details during the hiring process to make sure that our expectations coincide, and you fit the best one for you. We’re looking for somebody who will help us to define the ongoing direction of our deep .NET development from a technical perspective and ensure we will stick to that path by participation in the most crucial tasks.


  • If you are a smart, experienced, creative and a naturally inquisitive .NET Developer, who has a strong passion for developing and learning new technology with a strong emphasis on pure development in a fun environment
  • You are customer oriented, e.g. you can see problems from the point of view of our customers and Business Owners
  • You are able to communicate intensively and voice/discuss with other team members
  • Infrastructure as a code resonates with you, You know what K8s stands for
  • Experience with microservice design principles and patterns

Personal qualities

  • Passionate about technologies
  • Strong sense of responsibility and ownership: “Try it, do it, Improve!” mentality
  • Adaptability to and tolerance of a rapidly changing environment

Team size

  • Cca 10-12

Style of work

  • It´s up to every team (Scrum, Scrumban…)


  • .NET

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Job listing has expired.
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