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Director Of Engineering



If you love building teams that ship code, then this role is for you! You will be part of the leadership team at Ockam from Day 1. We currently have about ten people on The Team. This number will increase to 15 by the end of Summer 2021. We will raise our Series A in the Fall, and then double the team's headcount to 30 by summer 2022. You will be instrumental in fueling our talent growth. You will utilize your multidisciplinary skills to align with Product, GTM, and Engineering IC’s, to manage Ockam’s OKR and engineering deliverables. Your entrepreneurial and team building skills will also be challenged as the first person on our team in this type of role - you will help to shape the engineering structure of our team from just-about the ground up. At Ockam we have a philosophy of building a high performing team. This means that we align individuals to roles that align with their world class skills, and empower their growth potential. You will learn a lot from our diverse team, and will be trusted to empower others. You will need Sr. Engineer skills to excel in this role. The entire Ockam team is deeply technical, so your ability to pull knowledge from across the team is important. We don’t expect you to know more than everyone else on the team, but you should be able to engage in thoughtful, respectful, and deeply technical discussions with anyone on the team.


  • Hiring 'A players' from diverse backgrounds
  • Team leadership and inspiring a growth mindset in teammates
  • Code review across a large codebase
  • Open source collaboration and community culture
  • Distributed, Remote-First team management
  • Creating and forecasting OKR deliverables
  • Shipping complex products on time and on spec


  • API design principles
  • Writing code in multiple programming languages
  • GitHub operations / management in an open source environment
  • Management of Issues, PRs and syncing with internal roadmaps and OKRs.


  • This is a Level 6-7 role at Ockam.
  • For more information about Role Levels at Ockam, [click here for our guide].
  • You will be working directly with Ockam's CEO and CTO on a daily basis. We require that you live in the Mountain or Pacific US timezones, and are a US citizen. Ockam is a distributed, remote-first team with a headquarters in San Francisco California.

Deadline for applications: 30.06.2021.

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