Junior Android Engineer


Novi Sad, Remote

Who we are:

ProductDock is a technology house headquartered in Berlin with engineering hubs in Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Doboj, and Lisbon. We are tech experts in digital transformation, machine intelligence, and business processes, and we love to work on challenging projects in different fields. We’re pursuing a product-centric business model to develop complete and custom software solutions.

Make sure you hit “Apply” if you:

  • Have 1+ years of working experience
  • Have educational background in Computer Science or related technical field
  • Are passionate toward designing and developing mobile applications
  • Posses solid knowledge of Kotlin and Android SDK
  • Are familiar with Java, Dagger, RxJava, MVP/MVVM
  • Know your way around Design Patterns
  • Strive to understand bigger picture of tasks and processes
  • Enjoy problem solving and practicing data structures and algorithms
  • Are constantly learning and staying up to date with new technologies
  • Strive to improve hard and soft skills
  • Asking for and acting on feedback
  • Are fluent in English

As an Android Engineer you will:

  • Work hand in hand with designers, backend developers and customers in agile and technically diverse teams
  • Work on your assigned tasks making sure you are on schedule
  • Ensure the quality and maintainability of the code with the help of testing, code reviews and pair programming
  • Make together with your team the right technology choice and define, design and implement a sustainable architecture
  • Have the environment with knowledge transferring and mentorship sessions

You could fit well in this role if you:

  • Think that development skills are valued more than the length of your professional experience
  • Value code that is both readable and maintainable
  • See writing tests as a benefit, not as a burdening task
  • Care about your craft, are up to date with new technologies, and are keen to use them when appropriate
  • Want to work in a place where you can grow, learn, and make a difference

We don’t expect you to tick all the boxes, so if you are missing some of them but are still eager to join our amazing team, we still encourage you to apply.

What we offer in addition to competitive salary:

Education time and budget that you can use for conferences, online courses, soft skills training, English classes or whatever you feel is important for your growth and career aspirations.

Profit-sharing because we are creating a culture where the entire team feels we are all in this together, and everyone should be rewarded for achieving our company’s goals.

Private health insurance so that you stay healthy and save your time and money. A once-a-year full medical check is also included as well as urgent dental interventions.

27 vacation days because we know how important it is to make time for you, your family, and friends. Don’t worry if you’ve already booked your next vacation - we will try our best to shuffle things around so that you can use it as planned.

Everyone is welcome: This position is open for the candidates from Serbia and we encourage you to apply regardless of your background and how you identify. We see diversity and inclusion as crucial for creating an environment where everyone feels empowered to openly share their ideas and listen to others do the same thing.


Our hiring team will contact you with feedback related to your application. If we evaluate you as a fit, we will invite you for the initial interview. After this initial get-to-know-you call, a tech interview is scheduled, and after that, you should expect the final response from our hiring team. The whole process from applying until the final decision takes up to one month. We hold all our interviews online during the pandemic but are also open to face-to-face interviews for those candidates that prefer it.

Apply here

Upoznaj kompaniju ProductDock

  • ProductDock was officially born in 2021, after 10+ years of doing business in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina under the name codecentric.

    We are a technology house headquartered in Berlin with engineering hubs in Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Doboj, and Lisbon. We are tech experts in digital transformation, machine intelligence, and business processes, and we love to work on challenging projects in different fields. We’re pursuing a product-centric business model to develop complete and custom software solutions, such as experience Apps (e.g. e-commerce), Smart Solutions (e.g. predictive engines) & Technology Platforms (e.g. APIs).

    We currently have about 125 employees and the vast majority of them work on projects, while the rest are support functions such as People Operations, Marketing, Office Managers, Finance & Administration and senior Managers. Five highly experienced Unit Leads are in charge of project teams, making sure that things go as smoothly as possible.  

    Our mission is simple, to deliver more simplicity in solving our customers’ digital challenges and needs with direct and tangible solutions and to create an environment that empowers and encourages our employees to grow and achieve their maximum professional potential.

    How we choose our team members?
    We are super transparent, so we will show you the process!
    1 - Apply - Look through our job openings and send applications online.
    2 - Assess - Our hiring crew will review all incoming applications. You should expect to hear from us within two weeks.
    3 - Screening interview - If you meet the basic requirements for the position, someone from our hiring crew will reach out and schedule an online or in-person get-to-know-you interview.
    4 - Tech interview - The next step will be a tech interview focused on in-depth knowledge about certain tech topics, frameworks, etc.
    5 - Interview feedback - After screening and tech interview, you should expect a response from our hiring crew within a week.
    6 - It's a match! If you liked us as much we like you, we will meet again and discuss our offer together!

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  • Prosečna ocena
    na osnovu N/A recenzija
    Mogućnost napredovanja
    Balans između karijere i privatnog života
    Utisak o radu u kompaniji na poziciji IT consultant
    Najnoviji utisak

    Pozitivna iskustva o kompaniji:

    Kompanija dosta ulaže u zaposlene kada je u pitanju edukacija o novim tehnologijama. 4+1 sistem - 20% radnog vremena se može koristiti za samoedukaciju. Dobra početna plata. Mogućnost sticanja liderskih veština. "Ravna" hijerarhija i visoka transparentnost.

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  • Education time and budget Profit - sharing Private health insurance 27 vacation days Truly great office space in Novi Sad Team - building and Team - bonding events
  • Tech stack

    JavaScript TypeScript HTML CSS JUnit ReactJS Redux Angular Typescript MongoDB Kafka Maven Jenkins Git Gitlab AWS GCP Azure Ansible Terraform Docker Kubernetes Spring Framework incl. Spring Boot Spring Batch Spring Security etc Kotlin Java Dagger RxJava design patterns K8S Jest Mocha Chai Protractor Cypress TestCafe document object model responsive and adaptive design iOS Android development
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