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About us

Inspiring businesses to bring innovative, stunning ideas to life.

30Hills is a digital incubator and solution provider focused on implementing customized and innovative solutions for startups and corporations. Our expertise is in managing the process of innovation through product development and application of Agile and Design Thinking methodologies.

Our team has created the environment in which we help our clients in the process of ideating, designing, and building digital solutions that address current and upcoming business needs.

30Hills has a large number of local and international startup and corporate clients. These clients come from various industries such as banking, retail, sport, procurement, construction, oil, gaming, education, etc. Therefore, the firm’s job is to digitize those companies and industries by creating products that make a change, achieve results and maximize business potential.

We cover five main areas of custom-made development: 

●     Product Development

●     User experience & Design

●     Web & Mobile Development

●     QA & Maintenance

●     Research & Education.

Tech stack

Node.js Angular React MongoDB HTML NextJS CSS NativeScript Firebase JavaScript Figma Sketch Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator xd Marvel


Mentorship program

Education, professional development

• Innovative projects with local and international clients from various industries
• Internal mobility, moving between projects and clients
• Performance evaluation and recognition

Hybrid work model

Team building

Team events in the nature

Pet friendly

Private health insurance

Our people

Vanja Enbulajev

Senior UX/UI Designer

Miloš Pavlović

Lead Frontend Developer

Milan Zagorac

Software Engineer

Mihajlo Nikolić

Software Engineer


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