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Diagnosis can be scary. As parents of a child with Autism, we understand firsthand the anxiety that comes with learning your child is different.

But different shouldn’t mean your child has to be misunderstood or alienated. And different certainly doesn’t mean they can’t live a full and rich life with warm and significant relationships.

Our own experience taught us that the heart of any autism therapy should be the child. Not the process. Not the diagnosis. Start with your child’s interests and build from there. Understand their specific needs. Create a window into how they see the world and build new skills and behaviors that are authentic to them. Our team is trained in a range of interdisciplinary therapies so we can build a customized approach that works for your child and your family.

To offer best-in-class professionals using a child-led approach to autism therapy.

To support families like ours through diagnosis and beyond with personalized, professional care.

We understand that every diagnosis is different, so our team is trained in a combination of therapies to explore your child’s full and unique potential.