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In a great collaboration with our colleagues, mostly from Sweden but also all around the world, we enjoy designing and building solutions that make life easier and that are used with pleasure.

We are divided into many cross-functional distributed teams, but by using best collaboration tools the distance is usually imperceptible.

In our projects, we help organizations to create more value in their customer relationships, both for their clients and themselves.

 We have a long history!

The Swedish company Mogul has been a part of the Addnode Group since 2003. The Belgrade office was established in 2005.

In 2017, a new business transformation was made within the Addnode Group. Mogul Belgrade became Addnode Balkan, to make the connection with Addnode Group more noticeable.

Addnode Balkan is a small company, but we have a strong background provided by our parent corporation – Addnode Group.

Addnode Group is an international provider of IT systems for construction, design, simulation and product data information. The company has a strong position in the Nordic countries and the UK in IT systems for administration and maintenance of properties and workplace management, and is a leader in administrative systems for the public sector in Sweden.


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