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Hello from the Agilcon Side


From the start, Agilcon has sought to change companies for the better through technology that builds stronger relationships.

Between businesses and their customers. Between employers and their employees. Between people who want to make a difference. Between us and our team. :)

Welcome to Agilcon! We unite marketing, sales, commerce, service, HR, and IT teams with world-leading Salesforce technology.

One integrated CRM platform powers the entire suite of connected apps to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Our modern HR system automates and manages all HR processes to create an outstanding employee experience.

One hell of a team turns teamwork into dreamwork and will help you rock your business goals off the ground.

Proud to be the leading Salesforce partner in the region

We are proud and excited to be part of the outstanding Salesforce community as the only Salesforce partner in Slovenia and the leading partner in the Adriatic region.

We help our clients succeed at their business. How? By implementing Salesforce business applications and our all-in-one HRM tool, Gecko HRM. We support our clients’ employees’ work with friendly, simple, and flexible solutions. And on the other hand, our top-quality customer solutions help them make their customers happy. Win-win deal for all!

In addition, we are very proud of our recent “Southeast Europe TOP Performer” Salesforce Partner award for exceptional work in 2021. And all the credits go to our amazing team!

Best place to work in the Adriatic region

We love big goals and big dreams, and we know very well that a great team is the heart and soul of any successful business.

Salesforce CRM Vision

We want to become the #1 Customer 360 consultancy firm by reputation and size (not limited to Salesforce partners).

Gecko HRM Vision

We want to become a recognizable, European-wide HR app with a footprint in all EU countries, and #1 in the Adriatic region.

Agilcon Team & Culture Vision

We are treading our way to becoming the best place to work in the Adriatics in the next few years!

As a part of a remarkable Salesforce community, we also like to call ourselves “Trailblazers.”

Trailblazer /treyl-bley-zer/noun

1. A pioneer; an innovator; a lifelong learner; a mover and shaker. 2. A leader who leaves a path for others to follow. 3. Most importantly, a person who builds a better world for others.

Everyone who wants to innovate and deliver success with Salesforce can join the Trailblazer community and learn on a free and fun Salesforce platform. We encourage our team to get hands-on and learn about Salesforce, digital, and soft skills on the Trailhead as well. It is our no.1 e-learning platform, and we love it!

More than 200 happy customers from our start in 2010 and counting

We feel highly connected to our customers. Their success is our success. We encourage them to achieve extraordinary things.

As a result, over 200 companies, both big and small, are already growing their business with us. We believe that businesses must be built on trust, not just code. We are sure you have heard of some of them.

We focus on building relationships in everything we do. The world will continue to change. Technology will evolve. The business will pivot and pivot again. But relationships built on trust and respect will help us face the future. So that’s what we do – we build relationships in our team, grow and win. As a team.

Our TEAM is the of Agilcon!

We strive to keep our team growing and developing day by day. We’re proud of our relaxed atmosphere and positive relations at work and outside the office.

Focus and hard work on one hand, but laughter, goodwill, and options for socializing on the other hand, are on our daily schedule.

We are growing fast and doing everything to meet that growth plan so that our team continues to thrive. From 25 people in 2017 with offices in Ljubljana we have grown to a team of more than 70 with entirely new offices in Ljubljana and Zagreb and recently opened offices in Belgrade. Despite the new (awesome) offices, we still enjoy work from home and let our employees adjust the frequency of joining the office vibe.

Our core values help us build our success

We insist on making positive changes in everything we do and build our success by being passionate about what we do.

What do we value?

We’re hybrid. And we're not going back.

In the last few years, the way we live and work has changed dramatically. Through employee feedbacks and observations, we’re creating the future workplace that allows us to find more balance between work and home, and advance equality, ultimately leading to increased innovation and better business outcomes.

We support a hybrid work environment with work from home and work in our offices combined (3:2). And offer a flexible working schedule where you can organize part of your working hours according to your preferences. For example, we are online and available between 9 am and 3 pm by default. The other 2 hours you can organize according to your preferences and needs. Early risers can start working before sunrise. Night owls can sleep in a bit. We suggest that our employees take time off during the weekends to relax, spend quality time offline and enjoy the weekend.

To better adapt to the new needs of digital workspaces, we moved to the new offices, where we had an opportunity to create a workspace and contribute to an employee experience that makes us even more connected, healthy, innovative, and productive. Our new offices are a place for human connection and collaboration, with more spaces like lounges and conference rooms, improved audio-video equipment for hybrid meetings, and more flexible workspaces for individual work. No worries, we packed our Vibe, family of plushy Geckos, and legendary “Tribuna” with us!

So here’s why you’d like to join us

Do you love challenges based on the latest technology and would like to work on exciting projects? Want to participate in the top projects for the most prominent Slovenian and international clients? Work and learn in a friendly team with a sense of humour? Well, then you are at the right place.

Besides interesting projects, professional growth, and career development, what do we offer our employees?

  • Full-time contract with a 6-month probation period with a structured onboarding process, regular coffees, and feedback from the mentor.
  • Flexible working hours (we are available between 9 am and 3 pm, the rest of the time you can organize by yourself).
  • Hybrid work environment (work from home and work in our offices combined 3:2).
  • As a Salesforce partner, we provide (and fund) certification in one of the most dynamic IT ecosystems – Salesforce. A financial reward follows each completed certificate.
  • Autonomous work where errors are the way to grow and learn. Stock options.
  • We live “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” We co-finance sports activities, provide exercise during work and offer the possibility of regular massage in the office.
  • We organize many opportunities for the team to socialize – something for everyone.
  • We built our new offices in a great location (Ljubljana, BTC) with well-being and excellent opportunities for cooperation in mind.
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