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Meet AlgoMetric, a software development company that provides a full range of IT services.

In 2019, three teams with extensive tech experience and seasoned leadership joined forces to create a comprehensive IT service tailored to our clients’ needs. Today, we are running numerous IT projects worldwide spanning diverse industries like FinTech, Telecommunications, Logistics, Gaming, Intellectual Property and more. We are well-versed in custom software development, RPA, AI, Embedded Systems, Trading Algos, BPM, DevOps and QA. Our project portfolio includes digital stock exchange platforms, algorithmic trading platforms, AI-driven stock prices predictions, staking platforms, financial automation solutions, web based logistics solutions, business automation solutions, IT governance and cost performing programs as well as seamless third-party integrations.

Committed to exceptional service, we've fostered strong relationships and achieved numerous success stories. What truly sets us apart is the remarkable blend of engineering talent, energy, and devotion our team brings to their work.

Our focus is on fostering a collaborative and learning environment that allows our teams to thrive and make their own stamp on significant and grand-scale projects.


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