Ana Vukomanović , HR & Business support Manager

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Ana Vukomanović, HR & Business support Manager


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Auxality was founded in Stockholm August 2018 with the goal of solving the ever-constant problem of businesses not utilizing the full potential of technology.


About us

We are driven by the idea of providing premium services, with teams of experts, that truly make a difference on the bottom line of our clients’ business.

Auxality employs Technology Specialists and Advisors whose experience and knowledge bridges the divide between the person who operates the systems but isn’t authorized or able to suggest business-driven improvements; and the person who has the mandate and ability to make improvements but lacks the proximity needed to make a fully informed decision. Therefore, Auxality always builds teams around insight and mandate in order to operate and develop client solutions on both the technological level as well as the business level.

Based on industry knowledge and technological expertise, the Auxality model enables our clients to improve and develop their core business. We provide a range of services within our three business areas: Advisory & Business Transformation, Development and Operations. The common denominator in everything we offer consists of the following key components – mandate, insight and creative minds.

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Work equipment provided

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Our people

George Sallfeldt

George Sallfeldt

Founder and CEO

“I founded Auxality with the goal of solving the ever-constant problem of businesses not utilizing the full potential of technology. I bring enthusiasm, strategic insight and a strong value system where empowering people is at the core of my beliefs....

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Robert Rudinski

Robert Rudinski

Member of the board

“I am very excited to partake in a business venture on a market that is somewhat new to me but where my experience in customer service is highly needed. The IT business can in my opinion use an overhaul in terms of quality assurance and customer focu...

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Nenad Mirkov

Nenad Mirkov

​CEO Auxality DOO

“During my career I have developed management skills along with my passion for technology and programming. I am confident that I can merge these skills now to create a great and productive environment in Serbia where Auxality have its development Tea...

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