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Are you ready to step forward in your career and gather the self-confidence needed for a business interview and public appearance?

We love giving back to our community by helping young talent get on the right path to building a lucrative career in the IT industry.

Level Up with Bee IT is a series of events created with the idea to allow interviewees to experience firsthand what it takes to have a successful job interview so that you can build your self-confidence and improve your public performance.


We all know what it feels like when you’re about to jump off a diving board for the first time. Even though the water is clear and everything looks safe, that moment in the air when you lose the ground underneath your feet can be challenging.

It is a matter of dealing with the unknown.

At Bee IT, we value transparency, knowledge sharing, friendliness, and openness, so we love helping people break the ice to overcome new and challenging situations.

Going in for your first job interview can certainly cause a lot of anxiety. That’s why we created this special event to help you face your fears and launch your IT career successfully.


Our HR team, Sonja and Slavica, will be conducting individual simulations of interviews lasting half an hour, where you will get to experience firsthand what awaits you in a typical job interview.The interview simulations are held in person at our Bee IT Hive, but also via video call if that suits you better.

At the end of the simulation, you will receive direct feedback on what was good and what could be better, so you can work on perfecting your public performance.

Talent without training is nothing, Rey

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you probably know this one already.

There’s a scene where Rey Skywalker uses the Force to try to stop a transport ship from flying away. But she loses control and unleashes Force Lightning from her hand and ends up destroying the ship.

If she had received proper training and had more discipline, she would’ve been able to control herself and not erupt like a Tesla coil. It is specifically her huge volume of talent and lack of training that led to that outcome.

“Talent without training is nothing” doesn’t mean that a talented person can’t do a thing until they’re specifically instructed on how to do it.

It means that even a vast amount of raw talent will not be used to the fullest unless you possess the discipline and wisdom to use it the right way.


Imagining an interview in our heads can create a bunch of unnecessary nervousness and stress, especially if you’re going to an interview for the first time.

But there's nothing to worry about because we have some tips and tricks on how to best prepare for an interview, so you can present yourself in the best possible way.

  • Have an arrival plan - Don’t be late or come too early. Save the number of the person who contacted you, so you can let them know about any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Test your equipment - If your interview is online, test your microphone and camera before the interview.
  • Research the company beforehand - Get familiar with the company’s founders, projects, technologies, values, etc.
  • Prepare to showcase your skills - Be prepared to present the skills you listed in your CV through different business and life situations.
  • Ask questions - Don’t hesitate to ask anything that interests you.
  • Be mindful of your body language - Don’t forget to smile, pay attention to your gesticulation and look the interviewer in the eyes.
  • Take notes - It will help you remember the information you get and show your genuine interest in the company.
  • Bee Honest - It is the foundation of all professional and personal relationships.
  • Bee Yourself - and you will leave an excellent impression!


The jitters can be our greatest rival, especially when it comes to job interviews. When we get too nervous, we often can’t express ourselves as well as we would like to. To prevent that from happening, we prepared a few tips and tricks to calm the jitters before any job interview.

  • Practice for the interview - Practice in front of a mirror or record yourself. This is the best way to see what is good and what can be better.
  • Visualize Success - Imagine a successful outcome of the interview. It will reduce your anxiety because the situation will feel familiar to you.
  • Jump around - Physical activity will divert your thoughts, let you loosen up and release any negative energy.
  • Take a deep breath - 3, 2, 1… and release.
  • Have a refreshment at hand - Eat something sweet and don’t forget to keep hydrated.


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We are all here to learn together, deal with stressful situations and make the best out of them. So, let’s grow together and make every opportunity count!

About Sonja Tatarin Ragaji: After graduating in Psychology, Sonja worked for 5 years in a hospital environment as a clinical psychologist, which helped her gain valuable experience and a high level of empathy. She became part of the Bee IT Hive almost 3 years ago, and we can proudly say that she is the one responsible for building our Hive from 20 to 70+ bright individuals who share the same values and drive our company forward!

Sonja’s advice to anyone trying to advance their career is to develop a “fighter” mentality. Fight for yourself, for your rights, needs, and dreams, and feel free to say no. Go that extra mile. It's never crowded.

About Slavica Krezović: With a Master’s degree in Psychology and a cognitive behavior coaching certificate, Slavica Krezovic focuses on people development at Bee IT. With almost 10 years of experience in designing, organizing, and managing various recruitment projects and teams, with a background as a clinical psychologist and psychologist in military assessment, she joined our Hive to help each team member on their personal and professional development path. Her ability to listen and oversee different career paths has enabled us to build together the transparent and growing atmosphere at our Bee IT Hive.

Slavica reminds us all of the importance of being brave on your path to self-knowledge in order to achieve your personal goals and become the best version of yourself.

Author: Milana Femic, Marketing Manager

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