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Bloxico Software Solutions is a startup founded in 2018 by several blockchain and fintech experts with the idea of creating products that make the world more eco-friendly. Consisting of highly motivated and skillful people who share a passion for technology, the company currently employs a significant number of specialists and is in process of growing.

We strive towards continuous innovation, always in search of new solutions that would utilize the technology we need to reach our goals. Our vision is to become second to none in blockchain and crypto software development. High quality is our top priority and our aim is always set on excellent customer service for our clients. Focused on empowering users, Bloxico's goal is to help them to transform their vision into reality via blockchain.

We want to emphasize that we are approved vendors for IOG, the inventors of Cardano blockchain. Also, we have taken responsibility for one of the projects of company Protocol Labs, which technically covers all Filecoin (FIL) projects, thereby building a better future together. Successful companies we work with recognize our values and through joint projects Sacret Life Ecosystem, B-DER, Energycoin Dashboard, MobileGo share our vision and affirm the development of blockchain technology. We proudly point out platforms owned by Bloxico, such as Go Green, aimed at boosting the green behavior of communities and industries, and GreenCharge App, the application that incentivizes users upon charging their phone batteries less frequently.

We perceive ourselves as striving towards responsibility, simplicity, and correctness as core values and advocate for open communication and solution-seeking ways of thinking. We thrive on complex projects and love challenges because we believe that every problem has a solution if you are creative enough. We value the “I don’t know” sentence with a smile on your face as much as all the rest! Join an international team that seeks real change in the world.

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