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BMGH Trophy Cabinet: Accolades and Certificates, Ed. 2022


The global pandemic has shaken the foundations of the business world in the last two and a half years. Many businesses have gone through dire straits to keep their heads afloat. All these challenges cried for effective management and fast reactions.

BrightMarbles Goes Forth

Luckily, BrightMarbles Group Holding (BMGH) has gone through these difficulties undamaged. Au contraire: we’ve grown faster than ever before, working on dozens of new projects. To be more precise, our Mibster community has grown by 590%. Over 50 new projects have been signed in this interval, mainly in the currently most relevant IT fields, from cybersec and bioprinting to Web3 and FinTech.

During this challenging period, we also began with our transformation to a holding company structure.

With our headquarters in Rotterdam, NL, and five different companies under the same roof – BrightMarbles Netherlands, BrightMarbles Serbia, BrightMarbles Macedonia, BrightMarbles Brazil, Brightly, and UN1QUELY – we cherish our European roots, and seek global reach. We’ve deployed experienced, educated, and committed professionals across all our teams to build a truly global fleet of exquisite experts.

Our management is working fervently to make this holding the leading digital service provider on a global scale.

Our progress didn’t go unnoticed. Since 2019, we’ve received several significant recognitions from some big shots from the global IT industry for being an established software development company.

Here’s an overview of our awards and certificates.

Joining the Digital Knights’ Family

In 2019, the Digital Knights (DK) – a renowned agency that analyses software development companies to match them with other businesses – examined our work and standards.

Their thorough analysis showed that BMGH meets all their strict standards, from technical expertise to company culture and soft skills, meaning that we entered the top 7% of companies verified by DK.

It’s important to highlight that the DK certification includes comprehensive three-month monitoring. The DK analysts talked to our clients about our collaborations, they analyzed our business operations, and spoke with our senior staff about the technical aspects of our work. The BrightMarbles’ management presented our mission, vision, and business objectives, as part of this due-diligence analysis. When the DK consultants collected all the necessary data, they brought the final verdict – BrightMarbles was admitted to the DK club, as the smallest company (employees-wise) within the DK network at that very moment.

After a warm welcome from the Digital Knights team, we continued working on multiple products and expanding our client list.

Approved by Clutch

In December 2020, we received a beautiful New Year present from Clutch (a well-known provider of reviews and B2B firms): we were announced as the best B2B company in Serbia and selected among the top 1000 service providers worldwide. This was a huge success since we entered the top 1% of such companies on a global scale.

Partnering up with Microsoft

In March 2021, BrightMarbles Holding received the Microsoft Gold Partnership certification, becoming a Microsoft Gold Partner. We were rewarded for our technical expertise provided by certified professionals and outstanding standard project delivery.

At the same time, many of our senior developers earned the Microsoft Certified Developer Associate certification. They showed the subject matter knowledge in designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud applications and services on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Scrum Masters of the Marbles’ Universe

Our QA engineers took a different turn: they earned the Professional Scrum Master™ certification (PSM I). They were already extraordinary professionals, and this was the verification of their commitment, professionalism, and work agility.

Adobe on the BrightMarbles Agenda

One of our latest collaborations is the Adobe Solution Partnership. This alliance with the global leaders in the digital service delivery space helps us provide our clients with exceptional expertise and new-growth opportunities. Together with our friends from Adobe, we provide a handpicked plethora of tools and resources to make our clients learn, develop, and reach their business goals.

ISO 27001 Certification

When you’re trusted with delicate information on a daily basis, you don’t take security lightly. Protecting our clients’ sensitive data and aligning our work with their own security requirements is something we simply do. We’ve been doing it for years, but now it’s also been affirmed by an independent third party.

As of June 2022, BMGH is the proud holder of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate – a rigorous international certification related to information security. This recognition means that our company has a documented information security management system (ISMS), which protects information confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Our clients can now rest assured that we guard the information they place in our hands securely. We take into account all imaginable levels, from technical to legal and HR.

Our CISO Branko Džakula explained it in detail in his post Announcing BMGH’s ISO 27001 Certification.

We want to underline that we approach the matters of cybersecurity and online protection with utmost caution. As a matter of fact, BrightMarbles Group Holding is one of only few companies that apply development secure by design. Security by design refers to a software development method that prevents severe attacks and eliminates system vulnerabilities through the latest programming practices, seamless testing, and multi-factor authentication. Plus, our penetration testers constantly test the products we develop.

Importantly, our cybersecurity coaches continually advance not only our employees’ security skills but also help our partners and clients. We assist many other software development companies in improving their online security through secure coding training and consulting services. Finally, BMGH also offers vCISO services, meaning that our executive-level security professionals can develop and lead our clients’ security programs from the ground up, with embedded security best practices.

So, the ISO 27001 Certification is only one of many certificates we’re planning to obtain, the next ones being HITRUST, ISO 9001, and ISO 14000.

The Final Word

Our recognitions mean a lot to us. On the one hand, they’re the cherry on top of our work so far. On the other hand, they’re the tip of the iceberg regarding our future achievements. All our enterprises – BrightMarbles Netherlands, BrightMarbles Serbia, BrightMarbles Macedonia, BrightMarbles Brazil, Brightly, and UN1QUELY – will keep rocking in the (free) IT world. So, wait no more and join us on our quest for the supreme.

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