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A decade ago three guys fresh out of University joined forces on some projects. Sometime later they realized they know how the bits are made and that they are ready to take the byte out of the software development world. Then came guy number 4, and then 5, and along the way more tech-savvy ladies and gentleman joined, hungry for knowledge, ready to roll their sleeves and learn and work. Most of them (us) are still here today.

Together with some fresh new faces, we’ve developed several of our own products that we are still passionately working on, and a number of projects for clients. Throughout the years, we’ve made some great friends among our clients whom we helped build everything from the simplest apps to large platforms.

We completely adapted our surroundings to our needs knowing that we are all at our best when we feel our best. That’s why every team member gets an opportunity to arrange their workstation any way they want.

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