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Hello Earthers, let us give you a little glimpse into CREATEQ universe!

We are a Swiss software company with more than 20 years of experience in aviation, the financial sector, energy, e-learning, and telecommunications. Different range of clients, from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and United Kingdom gave us their trust a long time ago to do what we do best – software engineering!

Our amazing star crew has more than 300 members spread across 5 countries! At CREATEQ we believe in teamwork and unity, so you will work very closely with colleagues in Switzerland, Serbia, Romania, Moldova and Morocco. And yes, working here includes travelling to other offices or to client countries.

Speaking of work…

Within the CREATEQ Group, we have experience in software engineering using a wide range of current state-of-the-art technologies, products and frameworks. Our expertise spans the latest technologies in the fields of Java, .NET, PHP, Mobile, Web and many more. CREATEQ implements, operates and maintains custom-built solutions as well as providing open source and commercial products and frameworks.

You might have heard about our flat structure. It sounds out of this world, but we believe that leadership is too important to leave it to just a few! Our stary crews are organized in small, but mighty teams or like we call them - planets. That way we give them freedom to make their own decisions, constantly learn and we even shorten the decision-making pathway.

Sounds good? Don’ just work here, belong here. Our crew is looking for a new member, check out our open positions: https://createq.space/careers/


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Java C# React .NET JavaScript PHP

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Proces selekcije

In Createq we are focused on finding a new team member that will join our journey and help us deliver our mission.

Step 1: Identify the Recruitment Needs through Job analysis

Once we identify job vacancy we will analyze information about the job position. At this point our recruiters collect all required information about qualification and skills needed to perform the job.

Step 2: Post & promote job openings

You care about teamwork and long-term projects? Well…we might be a good fit! Explore our open vacancies on all relevant job bords, social media or our web site… but do not be surprised if we contact you directly to tell you more about our projects.

Step 3: Job Application Screening process

Job application screening process is based on the job specification we determine in our first step. Here we look for the right applicants that are shortlisted for the further selection process.

Step 4: Technical & HR interview

Our Technical and HR experts join forces to give you the best possible candidate experience and help you understand our company values, projects, and technologies we use. Interview is opportunity for us to meet you but also for you to meet us so we will be here for all the questions you may have.

Step 5: Interview with our client

Good collaboration and long-term project enable us to have good relationships with our clients. They always want to meet potential new team member, so we see that as great opportunity for candidates as well. Hearing about the project you would potentially work on directly from the client always brings some new insights

Step 6: Decision & Job Offer

You’ve made it to the final step, congratulations! Our HR team will go over the offer with you and answer all potential questions you may have.

Step 7: Joining & On-boarding

Welcome aboard! We are happy to have you in our Createq family. Remember, in our solar system everyone is a star. Your team will be there to guide you through our world encourage you to shine your brightest while working on long term projects.


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