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China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) Serbia Office was established in August, 2010, and was successfully registered in Serbia on December 10 of that year. On June 6, 2011, the Office held the addressing reception.

The Office centers on Serbia and radiates the construction of projects in the infrastructure field of Balkan Peninsula and even the whole Central and Eastern European market.

At present, there are four departments under the Office – Business Department, Engineering Department, Financial & Assets Department and General Office.

The project, located at the northwestern part of the planned inner-ring road of Belgrade City, connects the industrial park on the southern bank of the Danube and the residential area on the northern bank. The main line of the project (including the bridge and accompanying roads) is about 21.2km long; the branch line is about 9.5km long. It is designed as a urban expressway, has two-way six lanes, 3 at-grade intersections, 2 interchanges, and a 1482m-long bridge crossing the Danube (Zemun-Borca Bridge) and 10 other bridges of different sizes. 

After its completion, the project connects the northern ring road of Belgrade City, the capital of Serbia; the traffic time reduces to 10min from 1 hour; and it also greatly relieves the urban traffic jam in Belgrade City.

In July, 2010, Wu Bangguo, then-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress attended the bridge foundation stone laying ceremony during his visit to Serbia. In December, 2014, the main work of the bridge was completed, and Primer Li Keqiang of China and Prime Minister Vucic of Serbia jointly cut the ribbon for the completion of the bridge.

Zemun-Borca Bridge with Accompanying Roads Project is the first project after China and Serbia signed the cooperation agreement on infrastructure and also the first bridge the Chinese enterprises built in Europe, so it is called the “China-Serbia Friendship Bridge”.

This project is the first large project which was completed within the budget range with time and quality guaranteed in the past 20 years in Serbia, so it sets up a good image of Chinese construction enterprises, and it is really the first “card” of China in the Central and Eastern European infrastructure construction market. 


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