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EXPERIENCE NO. 1 Fast and Affordable car rentals

CARWIZ is a European-based company that quickly set out to conquer the world using its franchise business model. In just one year, it entered the global market, and through an extensive franchise network on four continents, with a presence in 30 countries worldwide, and more than 100 branch offices, significant global positioning was achieved in a very short time.

Carwiz launched an Affiliate program in the United States in 2021, giving independent car rental companies the tools they need to grow their business while receiving expert support and guidance from an internationally recognized brand!

CARWIZ rent a car provides a fully customized solution to forward-thinking car rental companies with a vision, ambition, and passion for customer service who want to expand their business and achieve greater success. It provides a one-of-a-kind customer experience, great service, and dependable car rentals all over the world.

Fast and friendly customer service is our top priority, so giving people five-star experiences is what carwiz.rent lives for.

Join us and create fantastic experiences!


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