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Connections is a group of tech enthusiasts, above all. We use technology to improve business efficiency, we help companies to grow and digitalize and we use latest tools to make business easier and safer. We analyse, map processes, re-design and optimize them and enhance them using software, robots and people. We reach out to SME’s as well as to corporates, operate on three continents and try to reconcile human kind to technology. You can think of us as consultants, tech savvy, architects and friends. Digital tools have the great advantage of helping human kind to preserve its laziness and ignite progress. It helps us all to get rid of routine and irrelevance and forces our creativity to come out. Above all, Connections means cool people in love with high tech.

Our history

2005. - COMPANY ESTABLISHED - Startup: grow with 1-­2 anchor customers, software development & IT Infrastructure Support.

2010. - BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - Grow through referrals: 1.Define positioning on local market; 2. Build practices.


2016. - INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION - Begin international expansion (Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands). Consolidate Romanian Growth (250 consultants and EUR 4 MLN revenue).

2017. - RPA BUSINESS LINE - Set Robot Process Automation business line.

2021. - CONSOLIDATE INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE - Grow to 500 consultants/FTE;

Consolidate international presence (20% out of total revenue);

Continue investment in R&D for supporting automation services with technology tools (RPA, AI, big data analysis).



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