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People of Devtech Q&A: Sasa Cegar, Solution Architect & Cloud Consultant


Sasa has 16 years of experience in Cloud and Mobile industry and has been with Devtech for 8 years as a Solution Architect and Cloud Consultant.

We sat down with him for a quick Q&A about his experience working as a Solution Architect.

How would you describe Solution Architect job in your own words?

Solution Architect’s job is to bridge a gap between the business and the tech world to our customer base – to understand their business challenges, consult and guide them as we develop a solution to these challenges. To achieve this, SA leads the design and implementation of solutions internally, guides, educates and helps the delivery team learn and grow. At the same time, SAs share their knowledge and experience across the board.

What do/did you do as a Solution Architect at Devtech?

I provide consulting services, build solution architecture, lead project delivery, and compose effort estimates. What drives me the most in my daily work is problem-solving. It is a quest to find the most appropriate solution to challenges our customers face. I worked on really cool projects and challenging ones as well, for the Fortune 500 and big companies in the Cloud industry. In the process, I tend to help out my team as much as possible and strive to help Devtech grow. I nurture Devtech’s culture, try to make the most of our work, and enjoy the ride.

What do you think is rewarding about being a Solution Architect at Devtech?

Being at the front line of the ever-growing ecosystem, helping our customers benefit from Cloud and Cloud technologies, and being aware that our effort helped them. It is really cool to know that you contributed to resolving challenges they faced. The most rewarding in my job is the ability to work with the great people we have at Devtech. To see them grow and prosper in their careers, enjoy the time spent with them, and have the coolest parties and team buildings ever.

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