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Welcome to Datamars Serbia, a subsidiary of Datamars, global data solutions company with a 30+ year legacy in animal and textile solutions.

We exist in a world where data is everywhere. The desire to use it is increasing and changing the way we live. The world is also under huge pressure to be more productive with less.
This combines to mean that increasingly, high stakes decisions need to be made. These are best based on data, information and insight, not just instinct.

Our software development team based in Serbia is enabling just that: creating products that put powerful data in the hands of our livestock, pet and textile customers. Thanks to that, our vision comes to life: make better informed decisions and achieve measurable success - today and tomorrow.

Why work with us?

We’re exclusively developing in-house projects, across all three business lines of Datamars (Livestock management, Pet identification & reunification, Textile identification).

Work in a small, agile team with a hybrid workplace. With us, you'll be in the first row to witness how Machine Learning and AI are revolutionizing the world we live in today.

Interested? Get in touch: recruitingserbia@datamars.com.


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