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Suits Me® launched in 2015, helping customers who needed an account to manage their money quickly and faced barriers to opening a high street bank account.

Our mission is to be the account provider of choice to the underbanked.

Many of our customers do not fit the profile of a typical high street bank customer but want all the features the accounts have to offer, such as a contactless card, a mobile app, setting direct debits, faster payments and more.

Our customers vary in their needs, you could be new to the UK, want to get out of the cycle of overdraft debt, you may not have the documentation required to open a traditional bank account. Or simply want a secondary account to enjoy unlimited cashback and discounts, enjoy a great service and a great product to assist you with your transactional needs.

Suits Me® have created an award-winning personal account with contactless card and mobile app solution.

Cashback rewards and discounts are offered as standard when opening an account when you use your card in our partner retailers.

Everything you need to manage your finances can be done online or through the Suits Me® mobile app. We have a team of multilingual customer support agents who are happy to assist you via virtual face to face appointment, phone, email, live chat or Facebook.

We have an online portal where you can manage your finances 24 hours a day, anywhere! We have received a number of awards for our product and continue to strive in delivering excellent service.


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