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Want to bring a new or used car from Germany? Are you a car or motorhome manufacturer and need to deliver them to customers in Europe? Do you have a caravan or mobile home that you would like to move to another location? Need quick assistance and towing a broken down vehicle?

These are just some of the most common day-to-day challenges we deal with at EASYTRANS d.o.o. We specialize in the international transport of new and used cars, motorhomes and lorries across Europe. We provide transport for well-known European manufacturers of vehicles, motorhomes, mobile homes and caravans.

At the company, we are aware that transporting vehicles is a responsible and often stressful task. Therefore, we arrange all logistics for our customers, from agreements on the time and place of collection, to safe delivery to the agreed location. We work with customers and together find the best solution, both in terms of delivery time and transportation costs.

We offer our clients a comprehensive logistics service and organization of transport throughout Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

The company has a modern fleet of more than 50 road transport trucks, all of which meet the most modern ecological standards (EURO 5 and EURO 6).