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ELITAS has actively been in signage business since 1995. Started with printing business and production of single signs, ELITAS is growing up and becoming a company capable to meet the strict requirements of the modern visual communications and to improve them. How do we work today? What is our work based on and what does our offer include?

Since then up-to-date, ELITAS business is primarily based on long-term business relationships with our clients for mutual satisfaction. We are completely focused to fulfil our clients' demands, what we manage to achieve by our professional and responsible approach toward all the participants in our projects as well as by satisfaction of our employees who are multi-disciplinary, highly qualified staff, ready to respond to any new challenge. Socially responsible business policy that ELITAS leads is also one of the key points in our business.

Why our clients let us do complete signage projects for them? Thanks to years of experience, ELITAS provides complete service to its clients based on the system ”turnkey”. Complete service includes planning and designing, obtaining consents and permissions, production, installation, preliminar and final building-craft works, maintenance and reparation of visual communication elements. We provide reliable support to our clients in building-up their image through visual communication. We see that as a good way to gain better business results for the both sides, what makes WIN-WIN situation.

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