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About us

Exxeta is a team of over 1200 colleagues across 14 locations. One team: We are a team of diverse characters with different backgrounds, skills, views, and perspectives. Each individual is our greatest strength. Together, we accompany transformations, change markets, and mindsets. We work together every day to create digital solutions - driven by our passion for technology, our team spirit and the drive to create real impact. In other words: High-tech with a heartbeat.

With the combination of technology, empathy and specialist expertise, we change thinking and actions and business.

Whether in Berlin, Bratislava or Belgrade, what unites us is our passion for technology, our team spirit, and the desire to make the world a better place sustainably. We are doers. Instead of a big show, we deliver solutions that make a sustainable contribution. "Tech for good" should not be an empty phrase. Together, we take responsibility for people and the earth. But we are also firmly convinced that we can only bring about change if we constantly develop ourselves and collaborate. For the development of each individual, we provide the right setting: trust in abilities, respectful interaction, and a team with flat hierarchies. 

At Exxeta we challenge the traditional concept of consulting and tech.

Exxeta is now in Serbia and we want you to become part of our growing Heartbeat Serbian Team and to make the world more digital and better together. Join us in creating solutions that are unique.

As Exxeta Serbia is located in Belgrade & Novi Sad you can choose to work from our offices or work remotely.

Tech stack

.NET AWS Agile Angular Ansible AngularJS Apache Apache CXF Android C# C++ CRM CSS CSS3 Cloud DevOps Django Docker Git Golang Google HTML Microservices Hibernate Java JavaScript Jenkins Kubernetes Kotlin LAMP Node.js NodeJS Node MySQL


Choose one of the 14 offices for work

Our offices are located in Berlin, Frankfurt, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Munich, Neuss, Nuremberg, Bratislava, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Zurich, Belgrade. If you are in any of these cities, feel free to use our workspace and work from our local office.

There is the link to chech our offices:


German language classes

If you want to learn the German language, you have the opportunity because the company covers German language lessons for everyone.

Cutting-edge work equipment

All employees receive state-of-the-art equipment for work. It's up to you to decide whether you prefer Mac or Windows. :)

Flexible working hours

You choose your working hours. The goal is simply to complete the work on time and successfully.

Trainings & Education

In English: You can choose which training you want or in which area you want to further develop. The company will assist you in deciding which training is best for you, respecting your preferences. Most importantly, the company covers all education costs for its employees.

Remote work

If you prefer working in your pajamas, then we enable remote work. 

Choose whether you want to work from your home, your cottage, by the sea, or in the mountains. Here, you have the privilege of choosing your own place of work.

You can work from our offices in Belgrade or Novi Sad; you can work hybrid, or you can work 100% remote.

Extended annual leave

Although we love spending time together and working, we also love to rest. 

Our vacation lasts longer!

If you're a junior, you get 23 days off, if you're a medior, you have 24 days of annual leave, and if you're a senior, you start with 25 days of annual leave.

Besides this, we also have something new! Workation! You can organize a mix of vacation and work at the same time.

Private health insurance

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Our people

Sanja Mirkovic

Recruiting Expert

Ron Nagel

Senior Director

Nebojsa Tesic



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