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About us

EyeSee is a behavioral research company, based in New York, Antwerp, Paris, London, Singapore, Mexico City, and Belgrade. With innovation in our DNA and using pioneering technology we combine behavioral and conventional research methods to unlock next-level insights for global clients. Our teams conduct award-winning studies in more than 40 countries, and Deloitte recognized us several years in a row as one of the fastest-growing tech companies, which earned us the Most sustainable Growth award.

Through highly effective methods such as online eye tracking, facial coding, virtual shopping, and survey, we measure the impact of shopper marketing, advertising, digital solutions, and innovations. For research purposes, respondents use their own devices (computers and mobile phones), thus cutting down time, costs, and enabling testing on a global scale. Our teams conduct award-winning studies in more than 40 countries.

To understand their consumers and users, and thus, directly impact the success of their brands and products – companies turn to market research. In the past 70 years, that was mostly done like this: market researchers would sit with the consumers and through focus groups, interviews, and surveys, try to capture what people think, like and want. The issue with this is that people usually don’t do as they say, often rendering this data unreliable, subjective, and biased – leading to expensive and wrong decisions.

Enter behavioral methods that EyeSee combines with the conventional – they enable us to get an objective insight into what really draws attention, causes an emotional reaction, or sells off the cluttered supermarket shelf or huge e-commerce websites. All of this happens remotely, using the respondent’s devices by using methods such as eye-tracking (measuring what people are looking at), facial coding (learning about emotional engagement through facial expressions), measuring the speed of responses and using virtual shopping to see what people buy in a realistic shopping experience. EyeSee relies on introducing the most cutting-edge technologies and an innovative approach into this old industry.

EyeSee’s culture is built on innovation, experimentation, and a dedication to making an impact. We blend a scientific approach, smart researchers, and amazing technology to deliver a deeper understanding of human behavior. At EyeSee, there is space for everyone’s ideas to be heard and implemented. We are not afraid to disrupt the market research industry and trailblaze a new path for ourselves!

Our colorful team expands in size every year - we are looking forward to meeting creative & committed characters to join EyeSee and grow with us!

Tech stack

JavaScript ReactJS HTML5 CSS3 PHP Laravel Lumen Python Linux Bash AWS Git NPM Machine Learning Athena Parquet ETL Glue

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Team building

We organize fun and unique team buildings where you can bond with colleagues from all over the world at one place through daytime adventures and an evening party. To support the spirit of each team, we allocate budgets to every team for their own activities such as hiking, bowling, lunch, movies, or whatever suits you and your team.

Awards, bonuses, gifts

• We recognize excellence and dedication that’s why we have spot bonuses and employee of the quarter policy.
• We appreciate when you connect us with amazing talents in your circle. Fun facts: most colleagues came to the team through shared connections. Imagine working with your best friend or favorite cousin (and getting a bonus, too?)

Education, professional development

• Since our official language is English, we have a go-to person with whom you can break down all language barriers and excel at conversation in future.
• Your development is important to us that’s why we have a dedicated budget for online courses, conferences, classroom trainings, books, etc. On top of that, we encourage everyone to choose area in which he/she wants to grow.

Private health insurance

Fully covered private medical health insurance that includes dental & ophthalmology services for you and your kids, including unlimited COVID-19 tests.

Fun & Entertainment

Celebrating the achieved goal or simply gathering on the balcony of our downtown office for Beer Thursday is not uncommon – after all, we are a Belgian company. Plus, we know how to bake pancakes in our kitchen too.
If you'd like to borrow something from our board game vault and library, you're more than welcome.

Family & Parenthood

100% covered maternity leave is a must! Women make up 57% of the company and supporting them is one of our priorities.

Additional days off

23 days of paid vacation (including company closing between New Year and Christmas)

Company discount

We care about each one of us and strive to share the good and the bad.

Our people

Nikola Mihajlović

JavaScript Developer

Vuk Pašković


Miloš Živanić

Junior Web Developer

Nikola Miljević

Junior PHP Developer

Teodora Ocokoljić

IT Project Manager

Vladimir Matić

Machine Learning Engineer

Selection process

The classic one: you send us your CV and our technical recruiter and team lead will carefully review it. 

Next step is a quick phone call from our recruiter so we can learn more about your skills and ambitions.

Technical task will be the ground for you to show us how you apply knowledge to a specific example. Although this part is not everyone’s favorite, we can boast with feedback from candidates that the task was super interesting to them - we are sure you will like it too!

If the task is positively evaluated, during the technical interview you will meet the team lead and one team member. You three would discuss your approach to solving the task, as well as the position itself. Right after it, a 30-min HR interview will take place.

Final step – sending you a job proposal and wishing you a warm welcome!


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