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We started in Gorenje marketing as a small team where we learned about products, consumers, behaviour, markets, brands and sales. We’ve been absorbing knowledge, experience and constantly growing when we in 2015, established independent advertising agency Frajni.

Our experience in the past has taught us that when designing creative solutions, it is important to create sales solutions that make sense and that allow the client to increase sales and differentiate themselves from the competition.

At Frajni, we gathered team of professionals from different industries such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, marketing, advertising, banking, retail, design, public relations and media, which are pioneers in 3D, animation, design, brand, digital marketing, new media and communication. With over 20 years of experience in building and promoting contemporary design with effective marketing solutions, Frajni is consisted of more than 25 full time employees.


Ovaj poslodavac odgovara na vaše prijave

Ovaj poslodavac odgovara na vaše prijave

Priznanje predstavlja dokaz da poslodavac odgovara kandidatima na njihove prijave nakon što je konkurs za posao završen, nezavisno od pozitivnog ili negativnog ishoda.


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