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Since 1863, GEZE has been operating as a successful, global family business offering products, system solutions and services for doors and windows.

GEZE networks involve everyone in all the phases of the building life cycle and achieve outstanding results with thorough industry and specialist expertise. Together with its customers, GEZE joins projects at an early stage and provides long-term support to drive forward building development. GEZE offers modern, innovative door, window and safety technology that makes buildings more liveable. Stable and yet dynamic, GEZE helps shape new trends, developments, and markets.

Over 3,200 people work for GEZE worldwide, with production locations at the headquarters in Leonberg, China, Serbia, and Spain. With 32 subsidiaries all of the world, the company stays close to its customers and offers excellent service on site.

GEZE employs around 1,100 people at its main site in Leonberg. This is the where our international headquarters are located, including development, manufacturing, distribution and administration. GEZE has six branch offices in Germany. Product solutions from GEZE can be found in renowned buildings across the entire world.


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