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Global IT Factory Global IT Factory is a leading global provider of Education Software. We build systems for top-tier universities across the globe. We have been listed by Gartner as one of the top 12 world producers of Curriculum Management Systems. Our global delivery teams are in Serbia and Australia.

Our company’s mission is to empower Universities around the globe to manage and collaborate on designing Curriculums, Courses, and Programs for their students. 

Furthermore, we create standards for them.

Our services
   Global SaaS Provider of Curriculum Management System.
   Custom Application Development.
   Support for CMS clients.
   Branding and Creative Design Services.
   System Integration Services.
   COTS software customization.
   Testing/QA Services.
   Support and Maintenance Services.

We have the strongest expertise in the following domains:

Education - In cooperation with one of the top Australian Universities, Global IT Factory has developed a Curriculum Management Solution. The solution has been built from the ground up to serve the needs of Tertiary Institutions in managing and maintaining their curriculum portfolio while ensuring the developed curriculums meet the requirements of regulators, professional institutions, and internal university guidelines.

Global IT Factory has been listed in reputable Gartner Report as one of twelve world’s representative Vendors in Higher Education Catalog and Curriculum Management Software (Source: Gartner - August 2018).

IoT and Embedded Software - Global IT Factory provides embedded software development as a standalone service or as a part of our hardware/software custom solution design services. We have provided IoT and Embedded Software solutions for industrial, automotive, professional, medical, and telecom markets. We are particularly proud of our solution for Railway systems which included high-reliability sensoring and automation of the railway crossings.

Finance & Banking - Over a number of years, Global IT Factory has been working with clients in the financial industry to deliver leading-edge FinTech (Financial Technology) solutions. We worked with startups and established financial services companies to deliver innovative web-based and mobile solutions in the domains of wealth management, financial planning, and investment advisory.

Also, we have good expertise in the domains of Telecommunications, Enterprise Business & BPM, Voice Recognition, etc.


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