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About us

Gorgias helps e-commerce companies deliver excellent customer service at scale. We integrate email, live chat, voice, Facebook, Instagram, and SMS with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento.

Our product creates a unified customer profile by combining emails, live-chat, and social-media messages with e-commerce data such as purchase and delivery info. Combining all this data in a single application makes customer service more efficient and just better. Another fortunate side-effect is that some requests are completely automated using machine learning. 

We've been around since 2015, and we're serving over 6000+ e-commerce businesses, including Steve Madden, Timbuk2, Decathlon, and Sports Illustrated.

Our growth exceeded 200% in 2020, so we raised $25 million Series B in December 2020 to double our global team and to accelerate our progress towards our mission to transform support from painful to exceptional for merchants.

Our Vision

We believe that the next version of commerce should be more open and anyone should be able to be a part of it, as a merchant or a customer. We believe decentralized commerce is better for everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower all merchants to deliver an exceptional customer experience. By empowering, we mean that we research the customers' needs, so we can educate the merchants on the best ways to address them, and build the right tools to help them meet these needs.‍We are focused on all merchants, both on the internet and in the physical world, in every geography. For now, we're starting with ecommerce merchants on Shopify, making between $100k to $200m in Gross Merchandize Value.We believe that to make this mission happen, we're building a team that shares our five core values: be 100% honest, be customer first, strive for excellence, take extreme ownership, maximize your impact.

We take great pride with our company culture and we all share same values:

○  Always put our customer first

○  Automate your work

○  Honesty

○  Ownership

○  Decide fast using data

○  Strive for excellence
Why join us?

○  We're among the fastest-growing startups in the eCommerce ecosystem

○  We've built an extremely efficient go-to-market engine

○  Work with a talented team you'll learn a lot from

○  Join a company where automation, good & clean data are core beliefs shared by all.

Who are we at work?

We have a strong preference for people who have worked with high-traffic web applications for the past 3+ years. We're essentially running a distributed system that has lots of moving parts and having a decent amount of experience with this type of system helps a lot!

Additionally, our apps have over 10k daily active users with sessions longer than 6h+/day and serve tens of millions end consumers per year, so we put great importance on quality, testing, and code-review of all our code. Our apps have big codebases, and we have to feel comfortable about navigating and progressively improving them. Sometimes, however, we gotta and figure out why the 10Tb+ DB is slow or why some k8s pod is not running correctly, figure out how to successfully retry a failing API request, etc... The end goal is to hide a lot of complexity from the user and make their life easier.

If this is the type of environment you're looking for, then you should consider applying.



○     Recruiter Screen: We'll get to know each other through a video call.

○     Challenge: Show us what you've got! Take on a hands-on challenge relevant to the role.

○     Manager Interview: Get to know your future direct report and understand your team's day-to-day.

○     Founder Call: Meet the founders, understand the culture and vision.

○     Offer: Data driven compensation at the 90th percentile of the market