HealthCare Europe d.o.o.

HealthCare Europe d.o.o.


Adresa Potes Rumska petlja 5, Ruma, Srbija
PIB 107647868
MB 20843853
Predstavništvo Potes Rumska petlja 5, Ruma, Srbija
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Na ovoj stranici nalaze se javno dostupni agregirani podaci koji su objavljeni od strane nadležnih institucija i/ili koje je kompanija objavila sama o sebi. Izneti Utisci zaposlenih bilo sa intervjua bilo iz radnog iskustva predstavljaju subjektivno mišljenje njihovih autora u skladu sa članom 46. Ustava Republike Srbije i ni na koji način ne odražavaju mišljenje ili stavove sajta ni na koji način ne garantuje niti utvrđuje istinitost iznetih mišljenja, niti ih moderiše.

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We know everyone says that, but we actually think that. Otherwise, how would we be this great?
HealthCare Europe d.o.o. was established in 2012 in Serbia as a daughter company of a Chinese memory foam production giant HealthCare Co. Ltd. Factory is placed in Ruma, Republic of Serbia, with more than 60.000 m² and supplies European markets, Russia, the Middle East, and the USA.

As a regional leader in foam production, we offer nearly 15 different types of regular PU foam, approximately 10 types of memory foam with different densities and characteristics, 4 types of HR foam, and 2 types of Smart foam™ that own extraordinary performances of natural latex. Choice of foams themselves, this wide, provides an even broader range of cores, semi-products, and final products, because all these types of foam may be combined according to the customer’s demand.

Our broad product portfolio range consists of diverse types of mattresses, toppers, pillows, and accessories.

To keep pace with the newest technological achievements and keep constant improvement, HealthCare Europe d.o.o. formed a strong team of creative and experienced professionals that grows every day to create more innovative, superior quality, and highly recognizable products for our customers.

Trust our clients give us is based on absolute dedication to every segment of our business – starting from the idea, offering precise deals, and final products themselves.

Through extensive experience, the company HealthCare Europe d.o.o., and its mother company HealthCare Co., Ltd, grows and develops business and production processes, so our top priority could always be in an absolute focus – the possibility of giving an adequate solution to all sleeping demands in every moment.

Next to top experts, a growing number of employees, utmost dedication, and the most advanced technology behind the quality of our products stand numerous certificates that confirm the highest international standards and regulations.

By now, we have made several million different products, have hundreds of bigger and smaller clients, dozens of popular brands in the sleeping industry are our clients, which brings one common feeling – satisfaction.

Thanks to our prestigious brand MLILY®, a pride of the HealthCare Europe d.o.o. company and a proud global sponsor of a legendary Manchester United FC, we are conquering the market worldwide and becoming a new synonym for quality sleep.

If you are looking for a dedicated and creative team of experts whose primary goal is customer satisfaction, you are in the right place!

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Adresa Potes Rumska petlja 5, Ruma, Srbija
Datum osnivanja 10.07.2012.
PIB 107647868
MB 20843853
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Xiaojun Cheng - Direktor

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