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About us

Welcome to HireApp, where innovation meets excellence in the dynamic world of on-demand Staffing-as-a-Service! At the heart of our mission is the seamless connection between visionary leaders in the hospitality industry and a pool of skilled, vetted, and reliable hourly professionals. Here at HireApp, we've carved our niche in the high-end food service and hospitality arena, proudly delivering top-tier talent to some of the most renowned names in the industry.

What sets us apart? It's not just about filling shifts; it's about shaping experiences and elevating standards. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we are the catalyst for transforming workforce management in the hospitality landscape.

But it's not just about our clients, it's about the incredible team that powers HireApp. Nestled in the vibrant tech scene of Serbia, our dedicated developers are the architects behind mobile and web apps. We thrive on pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and crafting solutions that set new benchmarks.

As a company with a global footprint, our roots are deeply embedded in the United States, where we drive the pulse of the hospitality business. Joining HireApp means joining a family of forward-thinkers and innovators, united by a passion for excellence and a vision to revolutionize the way talent meets opportunity in the hospitality sector.

Why work with us? At HireApp, we foster a culture of collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning. Your journey with us is not just a job; it's a trajectory towards growth, both professionally and personally.

If you are ready to be part of a team that values innovation, embraces challenges, and celebrates success join HireApp and be a key player in reshaping the future of hospitality staffing. Together, let's create experiences that leave a lasting impression and set new standards of excellence in the industry.

Tech stack

AWS Agile Amazon S3 Android CSS CSS3 Canvas Confluence DNS DevOps Django Docker E-mail Figma Firebase Git HTML HTML5 JSON Java JavaScript Jira Kotlin Linux MVVM MySQL Node.js Objective-C PostgreSQL Python QA React Native ReactJS Redux SCRUM Swift TypeScript UnitTest Visual Studio Vue.js WebSockets iOS macOS

Selection process

Vrsta selekcije:
intervju + test
Trajanje selekcije:
10 dana
Krugovi selekcije:
3 kruga

The selection process consists of several steps:

After we receive applications (usually CV) from the candidates, we assess them according to our criteria and requirements for the particular post. Based on received applications we make a preliminary shortlist and invite people for the interview. When inviting them, we explain how the selection process will look like.

We prefer the first interview to be face to face. If it is not possible, we are flexible and we can organize it online. The first initial interview with the candidate lasts approx 45 min, and it is held by HireAppp HR and two technical team members from the team that opened the position.

If the candidate meets our criteria in the first round, we invite him/her to the second round which is primarily a technical interview with the additional practical exercise in the field of work of that position. That exercise is organized online, and the candidate is sent the assignment that should be resolved within 8 hours. We negotiate with the candidate about the most suitable time for working on this assignment. After we get the resolved assignment, we assess if it was successful. If yes, the candidate is invited for the short final chat to explain the logic of working on the assignment.

If the applicant passes the second round, we ask him/her to provide us with the contacts of two people as references, that we can contact to share their impressions of the candidate. It would be desirable if these persons were from the relevant field of work for this position.

After the above described process, we make our final decision, and shortly inform the successful candidate, latest in 3 days.

After that we send our offer that the applicant can accept or reject. If he/she accepts it, we start the process of employment, with signing the first contract that is usually 3 months probation.

For all candidates who applied, and not selected, the rejection letters are sent.

So far we got positive feedback from the candidates about the flow of the selection process. Communication with each candidate is very important to us.


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