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O kompaniji

O nama

iLogic (Inventive Logic s.c.) was founded in 2006. Nowadays we are based in Gdańsk [Poland] and team counts more than 30 people. We help through and sell services for immigrants in Norway. We specialize in customer acquisition for various services as loans, compensations, insurances, benefits, translations, taxes and many more.

We have our own multilingual customer service, as well as professional consultants familiar with Norwegian law, deparments, offices etc. The company has also marketing department, sales and IT.
During one month we service a few thousand of leads in languages such as: Polish, English, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish, Byelorussian, Ukrainian.

Our leading products: the biggest portal for Poles in Norway [since 2008]
Mfinans- loan broker for immigrants in Norway [since 2015]
Multinor- help with dealing with services for Poles in Norway such as benefits, compensation, translations, taxes etc. [since 2014]

Cooperation with Norwegian companies has helped us to get to know the Nordic market, the development of effective forms of promotion in Norway and improving ways to communicate with customers from abroad.