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Founded in 2005 in Los Angeles, IT Labs is a company that produces high-performing, purpose-driven software development teams. Our goal? To enable our clients to compete through tech, while providing a platform for bright heads to grow and develop into top notch professionals.

Everything we do at IT Labs is based on our core values: People, Integrity, Excellence, Proactivity, and Innovation. 

We now have more than 250 team members around the world, and we have presence in the US, UK, the Netherlands, Brazil, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, and North Macedonia.

In Serbia, ITL has office in Belgrade (Think Innovative co-working space), but all positions in Serbia are Remote/Hybrid - you can choose where you will work from -office or home, village, mountain.. - everything is acceptable. ITL in Serbia has more than 35 employees on a different positions and constantly growing.

We offer complete life-cycle software development, covering the following techs: C# (.NET), Java, JavaScript (Angular, React, nodeJS), Python, PHP, Vue.js, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Ruby, and others!

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