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Inery presents a distributed database with the blockchain and database synergy adopted in order to utilize the blockchain to decentralize data while, at the same time, reducing data breaches and assuring security. We have been with you for more than three years and we are getting bigger and bigger every moment.

Its layer-1 blockchain enables cross-chain interoperability, scalability, and an environmentally sustainable network to support the deployment of decentralized applications.

Inery works on a global level so that wherever you are in the world you can become part of our team and help us to create a new modern technological world. 

The core of IneryDB is the portability of its usage through various development technologies, while also catering to the users through intuitive and simple interaction.

Most of all, the key result and innovation that IneryDB provides is the development integration of all advantages of database management on blockchain, thus radically reducing cloud database maintenance costs while providing foolproof security.


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