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About us

We are Insightful - a growing team of nearly 90 people, devoted to developing our own software which focuses on productivity, time analysis, and business process optimization to boost employee efficiency and focus.

You might know us as Workpuls, but as of April 2022, we have started a new chapter in development of our software and we got a new name to mark the transition - Insightful.

Interested to hear more?

Our story starts with our CEO bringing this idea to the table with a couple of his friends. From that point on, both the team and our software went through lots of different development phases while constantly adapting to keep moving forward and grow the number of our clients. This means that we now have more than 3500 clients worldwide and a strong team behind it, covering various parts of development, marketing and sales.

Our mission is to empower people to unlock greater operational efficiency through the power of their work data.

What makes us who we are?

Openness to new ideas, things, and people, readiness to help and work together to bring the best possible result. The winning mindset which connects our team leads us towards fresh ideas, learning, and awesomeness. 

A mindset where every employee can affect the business directly. We encourage our team members to grow personally and professionally, believing that they’re doing meaningful work.

Our company and teams are rapidly growing.

Five reasons to join us:

1. Product company - we have our inhouse product which means we get to shape our product path the way we feel it is best.
2. Scale-up company - as we started as a start-up team and we continue to grow, our working environment remains pretty relaxed with an innovative mindset and not many hierarchical levels, where each team member can affect the business directly.
3. Education practice - all our team members can choose additional education of their choice which can help them in their professional development.
4. Company growth - since the very beginning we have had a constant increase in revenue.
5. Local company - our story starts in Serbia with the idea of our CEO.

Tech stack

JavaScript HTML CSS Angular 2+ TypeScript RxJS Angular Material RESTful APIs interaction C++ Node.js Spira Test Cypress Webflow Figma Hot Jar Google Optimize Fullstory Marketing automation tools Analytic tools SEM tools SEO tools HubSpot.Intercom Jira


Education, professional development

As personal and professional development is very important, our team members can choose additional education of their choice which can help them learn more about topics they are interested in and support their professional growth.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance is also valid from day one, providing you with extended health-care options to choose from and take care of yourself.

Flexible working hours

Whether you are a morning person or prefer to rest longer, this benefit is great for you as you can feel free to start your workday between 8-10 AM.

Family & Parenthood

We want to support our colleagues during their parenthood and special family moments, such as the first day of kindergarten and the first day of school.

Health and wellbeing

At Insightful, we have 10 days of fully covered sick leave per year.

Additional days off

• When you would like to enjoy your vacation, there are 25 days waiting for you. :) Besides, every year there will be one additional day for each year spent at Insightful.
• Personal day is the day for you if you would like to get a day for yourself to relax. :)

Work equipment provided

Besides technical equipment of your choice, you can feel free to choose your home office setting, as we would like you to work in a cozy workspace.

Work from home

Primarily, we are a work-from-home company. However, you can work from the office anytime and if you would like to join us on our Tasty Fridays or any day, our offices are on Knez Mihailova street. :)

Parking available

As we all know, it can be pretty challenging coming to work by car. Traffic jams are annoying and finding a parking space in the city center is often a mission impossible, right? This is where we come to the rescue. As our offices are in the city center, we have provided our employees with company parking spots to make their commute easier.

ESOP - Employee Stock Ownership Plan

As our team members are an important part of our company’s success and growth, ESOP is designed for our employees to own and have benefits of the great work and achievements in similar manners as founders and investors.

Our people

Azat Melikyan

Engineering Manager

Enes Hanic

Technical Lead

Aleksandra Savic

Product Manager

Nemanja Vucetic

Information Security Manager

Marko Petrovic

QA Automation Engineer

Jovana Stokanovic Sevic

Data Scientist

Tijana Djordjevic

Engineering Team Lead

Edin Malezi

QA Technical Lead

Dejan Valdevit

Product Designer

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