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INTELISALE is a Serbian IT company that has developed its own product to improve sales results of their clients. Since 2015 Intelisale is trusted by the world’s industry leaders to improve each salesman’s performance as well as overall organization goals. Intelisale provides a modern, comprehensive, but also flexible platform that adapts to the wishes of customers.

The platform is called “all-in-one” because it easily covers all sales processes and supports different sales channels. It is a modular platform that works on all sales channels, from small, growing to large companies. It provides support for field and telephone sales, merchadising, smart route planning, market monitoring, eCommerce, as well as highly detailed analytics and reporting at hierarchical levels. It is intended for all companies that deal with sales, sales promotion and distribution, because it is the right solution for sales reps in the field, agents over the phone, or in the store. In addition to direct sales, this tool significantly improves decision-making processes, so it is very useful for the company’s top management.

We create the product that our customers really need, and we always go a step further because we like to bring innovation that gives our clients added value. We follow their needs, and really improve the business of our clients, not only sales results. But besides that, we are a young and energetic team that has knowledge and likes to share it with each other. Join us!


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Ovaj poslodavac odgovara na vaše prijave

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