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JAGGAER offers complete SaaS-based Source to Pay eProcurement solutions with advanced Spend Analytics, Sourcing, Supplier Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Savings Tracking, and intelligent workflow capabilities. JAGGAER has pioneered spend solutions for over two decades and continues to lead the innovation curve by listening to customers and analyzing the market. Our solution suites are trusted by the world’s largest manufacturing, education, health care, retail, consumer package goods, logistics, construction, utility companies, and public service organizations. Additionally, JAGGAER holds 37 patents–more than any other spend management company.

The most significant part of our 25 years long history is rebranding as JAGGAER in 2017 - in June SciQuest from the USA acquires Austrian company Pool4Tool, then a leading provider of direct sourcing and supply chain management software. In December they acquire BravoSolution, the company from Italy. So JAGGAER's name was part of their unification.


Ovaj poslodavac odgovara na vaše prijave

Ovaj poslodavac odgovara na vaše prijave

Priznanje predstavlja dokaz da poslodavac odgovara kandidatima na njihove prijave nakon što je konkurs za posao završen, nezavisno od pozitivnog ili negativnog ishoda.


Team building

Winter and summer party, team building...

Awards, bonuses, gifts

Vouchers for the most diligent employees, New Year's gifts, gifts for March 8th-Women's Day... etc

Food and drinks

Fruits, coffee, sweets, juices, teas..etc :)

Education, professional development

• We have in place a Training & Development Policy. We want to ensure that the employees are supported and enabled to meet the changing demands of the company to achieve the strategic objectives.
• Trainings, courses, conferences

Private health insurance

Private health insurance, premium package included: outpatient treatment, hospital treatment, health care of pregnant women, systematic examination, physical therapy, ophthalmologist, dentistry. You can include your family members at lower prices.

Flexible working hours

You are more or less flexible to organize your working day and your breaks :)

Family & Parenthood

New Year's packages for children. Maternity Leave: when the employee returns from maternity leave, she will work: 4 hours a day for the first two weeks , 6 hours a day for the second two weeks and the full salary will be paid! Paternity Leave: after the birth of a child - employees are entitled to 10 working days of paid leave.

Additional days off

Free day for your birthday :) Also, 2 consecutive working days of sick leave - without a certificate from doctor (this is allowed 4 times during the calendar year).

Work equipment provided

Do you want great equipment so you can do a great job? Done. You will get: laptop, 2 monitors, docking station, mouse, keyboard, headphones and welcome pack :)

Work from home

From the beginning of COVID19 - we have not officially returned to the offices, but also when that happens - we do the so-called SMART WORKING SYSTEM: 2 days of work from the office, 3 days of work from home


FitPass Card- with FitPass Card employees can visit and use over 600 sports facilites in more then 20 cities in Serbia. Premium package-31 term per month

Mentorship program

Held on a yearly base a mentorship program, and a mentor provides guidance to a mentee based on their learning needs and development areas, a mentor acts as a resource, advisor, teacher, coach, model, sponsor, consultant or guide

Trainings, courses, conferences

Sport and fitness

Health and wellbeing

Remote work

Relaxation space

Hybrid work model

Working environment

Our people

Vladimir Gladovic

Expert Software Engineer

Jelena Karupovic

Global Facilities Manager

Branko Lozo

Senior QA Engineer

Tamara Vitic

Manager Support

Vladimir Ilic

Associate Technical Consultant

Jovana Savic

Senior Data Engineer


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Bulevar Milutina Milankovica 1z, Navigator Business Centar 2, 6.sprat Beograd, Srbija