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We don’t have a secret handshake. We don’t have a specific dressing code. But we do look at the world a
little differently. Actually, a lot differently. And that’s OK with us. Because we take our work seriously,
putting our heart and soul into developing unique, game-changing solutions that solve our customer’s
toughest challenges. We are on a path to improve our world, our future, to make a difference.

At Kagera, we specialize in solving problems ahead of their time. Software, product development, and data
combine to make our customer’s products lighter, faster, better, and stronger, so they can be successful.
Maybe you’ll help pioneer the next innovation in Oil & Gas or help develop our future in the Renewable
Energy world. Whatever the path, whatever the idea, we are looking for talented individuals who are
also specialists; who also believe in solving for the greater good. In fact, we’ve named our uniqueness.
We call ourselves Kagerans. We are scientists, engineers, and creative thinkers – the brains behind some
of the world’s most revolutionary breakthroughs. Are you ready to become one? Join our team.

Our core values:

Our people, referred to as Kagerans, with their individual passions, talents, and experience,
collectively fuel the development of Kagera technologies and our unwavering commitment to
support our clients in making the great even greater and Innovating to succeed tomorrow.
Kagerans are driven by curiosity and a deep desire to look beyond the horizon for new
insights, ideas, and possibilities, for our customers and ourselves.


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