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Company LABINPROGRES - TPS d.o.o. was founded in 1974. in Labin and it has continuously dealt with agricultural mechanization ever since, with more than 300,000 sold machines, gained a leading position on the markets of former Yugoslavia.

Company Labinprogres-TPS d.o.o. operates at two locations and has two production plants.
Number of employees: total 100
50 employed in Company Labinprogres-TPS
50 employed in company Labinprogres-TPS, Novi Kneževac

In agriculture sector R&D is a crucial component of innovation and a key factor in developing new competitive advantages. Labinprogres -TPS has devoted itself to R&D and as a result constantly soars ahead of its competition.

Labinprogres –TPS has strong network of local dealers and partners in countries all over the Europe providing support and logistics with an excellent all-encompassing after-sales service. Modern training courses and seminars at our dealerships are complemented by courses; employees are trained to become experienced specialists in the different service sectors.


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