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M&I Systems, Co. Group is an innovation-driven leader in business software and consulting, with 30 years of experience in projects across Europe and the USA. Our business hubs are located in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Austria. M&I’s solutions are used across industries, business processes, and borders, enabling companies in building a future-ready business. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions and spreading opportunities, and as a result, more than 400+ clients have chosen our company as a reliable partner that can support their organic growth and development through long-term cooperation.

By following modern market concepts and trends that include machine learning, artificial intelligence, intelligent analytics, and process automation, as well as its own mission, vision, and business strategy, M&I is a partner for business transformation, thus constantly creating new opportunities for improvement, innovation, and growth - for both our clients and our employees.

With more than 250 employees in 5 countries, a large number of ERP, SAP, and BI consultants and developers coming from different business areas and universities, modern technologies, and numerous partnerships in Europe and the USA, our team is constantly working on improving the existing and developing new solutions, that put us in the center of a business and technological revolution.

To explore career opportunities in M&I, visit our career page: https://bit.ly/31DPlS1


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