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We are a Web3 Innovation Hub. We have been building Web3 startups since 2016. Many of them failed, others were too early, while the rest became unicorns. We invest time, money and our extensive product development knowledge in noble and promising Web3 projects. We do that by building PoCs, forming and educating Web3 teams, mentoring founders, advising partners and guiding development teams to success. We do it in-house as well as consultants.


Ulica Maršala Birjuzova 45, Beograd 11000, RS

About us

MVP Workshop is a Web3 native organization of builders, shapers and innovators moved by the desire to explore uncharted technological and organizational frontiers.

We foster ideas and projects that have the potential to revolutionize:

the way we collaborate as humans,

the way we make tech infrastructure for the web of the future,

the way we create value through financial independence.

We are not newcomers. Web3 is not new to us.

During the past 6 years, we have created a continuous production line for building unconventional A-class Teams which are always at the forefront of a technological cutting edge innovation. While the industry is growing rapidly, we are not on the lookout for trends or hypes. Veterans simply don’t do that.

We rather keep our heads down in the trenches - brainstorming, designing and building the next big thing cool shit. We are challenging and disrupting huge corporations out there in order to give power and control back to the people where it's needed and where it makes the most sense. We are small, agile, hungry and foolish. We are David against Goliaths of this world. So far, we are winning the fight and will
continue doing so.

Our ventures, teams, products and services

What makes MVP Workshop unique is our approach to building teams and products. Systematic chaos as we call it. We take the process of making people and projects prosperous, truly by heart. That's how the idea of Venture Builder came to life. One could say it is our secret sauce for success, while the rest of our portfolio is evidence of It. We structured the MVPW ecosystem to benefit everyone included and not just the ones at the top. Meaning our founders work for our people in the system where everyone can co-own whatever we build in our workshop garage and not just work for the salary. Rather, we invite people to join us on the journey to make great stuff together, as well as pick and eat the fruit together.

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Flexible working hours

Remote first

No limit paid vacation

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Transparent salary model

Selection process

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Anonimno podeli svoje iskustvo o radu ili sa intervjua i pomozi drugim kandidatima koji se interesuju za kompaniju.

Intervju · 24.08.2022.

Backend Developer

Negativno iskustvo

Bez ponude za posao

Intervju lak

Trajalo je 4 nedelje

Kako je izgledao proces

Proces je trajao 4 nedelje. Selekciju je obavljala firma pod imenom Fat Cat Coders. Bilo je 5 nivoa. Upitnik, moja ocekivanja i iskustva, tehnicki test, zadatak i HR razgovor. Razgovor sa HR se sveo na pricu o negativnim stranama kompanije kao i njihovoj slabo organizaciji, sto je i bilo navedeno kao razlog jer nisam dobio posao.

Pitanja sa intervjua
  • Razlika izmedju arrow i fja.Alrogitmi i dizajn paterni/sabloni.
Intervju · 05.07.2021.


Bez ponude za posao

Trajalo je 4 nedelje

Kako je izgledao proces

Proces selekcije za firmu obavlja posrednicka firma FatCatCoders. Sam proces je bio relativno dugacak, obuhvatao je pet koraka: - upitnik, o ocekivanjima i iskustvu kandidata - tehnicki test - zadatak da se implementira mini aplikacija - hr razgovor + tehnicki razgovor - razgovor sa predstavnicima firme Moram naglasiti...

Pitanja sa intervjua
  • Dizajn paterni, navedti i objasniti.
  • Razlike izmedju arrow i obicnih fja.
  • Algoritamski zadacic, gde ga treba na sto efikasniji nacin resiti.
  • Navesti tipove testiranje i objasniti ih.


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