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We are a mobile games developer based in Belgrade, Serbia. We’re fueled by the passion and creativity of a multicultural team of more than 180 people. Together, we build games that bring the joy of winning to the lives of millions. Launched in 2010, Top Eleven lets you create and manage your own football club and lead them to glory against opponents from around the world. Today with 240 million players it is the world's most successful mobile football management game. And when you need a break from management, you can master the art of free-kicks with Golden Boot—an action flick football game with more than 65 million players on IM and mobile. From the world of football, our latest venture takes you to the world of fantasy, filled with powerful spells and epic battles. Launched in July 2019, Heroic - Magic Duel is a rich real-time tactical card game you’ll be hearing about.

On a mission to drive digital innovation in Serbia, and to put the country on the global map of gaming, we co-founded the Digital Serbia Initiative and Serbian Games Association. Through these non-profit organizations, we’re helping develop the education system, supporting the growth of our startup and gaming ecosystem, and pushing the digital agenda in the public dialogue. To bring our impact to the next level, after a decade of supporting our community through various initiatives, in 2021 we proudly established the Nordeus Foundation focused on helping children acquire skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to win in the digital economy by supporting education in Serbia and developing a stimulating and creative environment. We believe in Serbia, and we want to transform it into one of the world’s leading digital innovation and game development hubs. Who’s with us?

We don’t like to stand still. We’re always finding new ways to grow and master our skills. Our culture encourages people to take risks, stand out and learn by doing. If you are reading this and thinking “This is me!” why not head over to https://nordeus.com/careers/ and drop us a line?


VRH poslodavac u IT industriji 2023 - 2. mesto

VRH poslodavac u IT industriji 2023 - 2. mesto

Ukoliko poslodavac ima oznaku VRH 1, 2 ili 3, to znači da zauzima naznačeno mesto od top 3 mesta na konačnoj listi najpoželjnijih IT poslodavaca po izboru kandidata.


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