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General information about the company:

NOVACONOMY implements projects of digitalization and automation of business processes based on SAP solutions and platforms with following technical support. The key to the company's success is a cohesive team with successful experience, consisting of experts in the field of optimization and digitalization of business processes, as well as their system integration.

NOVACONOMY has the largest portfolio of SAP implementation projects in various areas: warehouse management and transport logistics, production, retail.

Geography of the company's projects: Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Belgium, South Africa, Brazil, Great Britain, Mexico, the Netherlands, Tunisia.

The NOVARDIS team is a reliable partner in creating advanced IT solutions to increase business profitability and competitiveness.

Corporate values

The basics of our relationship.

Frankness and openness, trust and transparency.

We play on the bright side.

A positive atmosphere in which great ideas are born.

Synergy of progress.

The key to constant progress is the right combination of minds, experience and ideas.

Only teamwork.

Truly big things are beyond the power of one person, therefore - only a team game based on trust.

Think globally, decide locally.

The world inspires us to search for and implement ideas to achieve results (here and now).

20 seconds of courage.

Courage to make decisions despite circumstances.

We know how.

Think and work to achieve a result that exceeds expectations.

We are happy to welcome you to the team if you:

1. Student.

- Seize the moment. Official employment for candidates who have successfully passed the assessment.

- Earn - competitive salary

- Make useful connections - friendly team

- Develop - opportunity for professional growth

2. Young professional.

You have already taken your first professional steps and are looking for new challenges, new projects. Join our team!

3. Experienced professional.

You have rich experience in problem solving. Looking for a new challenge? Perhaps in functional areas or in another country? Send us resume. We are ready to meet you and tell you about individual career opportunities.


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