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About us

Optima Apps is an IT company founded in 2016. 

We are devoted to create high quality products and services which help our clients grow their businesses and improve their efficiency.

The development center is located in Belgrade and we have also have an office in Vienna.

Our team has 45 skilled developers, system and database administrators, web designers and QA testers willing to take care of customers needs and offer solutions. 

Tech stack

PHP Java JavaScript Android iOS Agile DevOps Docker Figma JSON Kubernetes Kotlin Laravel Linux MS SQL MikroTik Node.js OOP Objective-C PostgreSQL QA RESTFull React Native SCRUM SQL Server Zend jQuery

Selection process

Vrsta selekcije:
intervju + test
Trajanje selekcije:
25 dana
Krugovi selekcije:
3 kruga

The selection process consists of several stages:
- Selection of candidates from the received applications
- Contacting the selected candidates and inviting them to an HR interview
- If the candidate passes the introductory interview, a technical task and a technical interview follows.
- Informing candidates about the outcome of the selection.


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