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About us

Polus is a technology-driven firm in the realms of private networks and emergency management. We develop and sell products to a broad range of clients looking to improve their communities’ telecommunication and safety.
With headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, Polus delivers a portfolio of versatile, advanced, and intuitive products and an exceptional level of customer service.

In everything we do, we are committed to building the technologies that positively impact the community. Our team has a unique understanding of the challenges we face today and respect for the unknown threats we will face in the future. We know we can’t predict the future, but we will always strive to prepare ourselves – and our customers – for what may come.

At the core of what Polus does, there’s responsible innovation—both our technology choices and applications take into account ethical acceptability, something that’s evident throughout production cycles of everything we design.

Hiring Process

We take a look at your application to assess the fit from an expertise standpoint.

You receive a report on the application and we schedule an interview with our HR department.

HR Interview
You talk to one of our HR specialists to see how you'd mesh with our culture.

Hiring Manager Interview
You meet the manager of the team you'll potentially join and learn about our workflows.

At this point, we're very interested in having you, but we need to see you in action.

Once you ace everything above, we send an official offer and welcome you aboard.