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About us

ProductDock was officially born in 2021, after 10+ years of doing business in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina under the name codecentric.

We are a technology house headquartered in Berlin, Germany with engineering hubs in Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Doboj, and Lisbon. We are tech experts in digital transformation, machine intelligence, and business processes, and we love to work on challenging projects in different fields. We’re pursuing a product-centric business model to develop complete and custom software solutions, such as experience Apps (e.g. e-commerce), Smart Solutions (e.g. predictive engines) & Technology Platforms (e.g. APIs).

We currently have about 125 employees and the vast majority of them work on projects, while the rest are support functions such as People Operations, Marketing, Office Managers, Finance & Administration and senior Managers. Five highly experienced Unit Leads are in charge of project teams, making sure that things go as smoothly as possible.  

Our mission is simple, to deliver more simplicity in solving our customers’ digital challenges and needs with direct and tangible solutions and to create an environment that empowers and encourages our employees to grow and achieve their maximum professional potential.

How we choose our team members?

We are super transparent, so we will show you the process!

1 - Apply - Look through our job openings and send applications online.
2 - Assess - Our hiring crew will review all incoming applications. You should expect to hear from us within two weeks.
3 - Screening interview - If you meet the basic requirements for the position, someone from our hiring crew will reach out and schedule an online or in-person get-to-know-you interview.
4 - Tech interview - The next step will be a tech interview focused on in-depth knowledge about certain tech topics, frameworks, etc.
5 - Interview feedback - After screening and tech interview, you should expect a response from our hiring crew within a week.
6 - It's a match! If you liked us as much we like you, we will meet again and discuss our offer together!


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Poslodavac pruža personalizovane benefite

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