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Company Protecta Group Was founded on 2005. Year in Belgrade as an enterprise specializing in the security of persons, property and business. In our many years of practice, we have adopted a modern work methodology that is consistent with the comprehensive security needs of economic systems and prescribed standards and laws governing the given area. Trusting our clients and the quality of our services is our priority in all projects. The satisfaction of our clients and recognizable brand is proof of our good business policy in providing the widest range of security services. Our business team consists of Our team consists of: - Corporate Security Experts with Risk Assessment Licenses; - Security managers with experience in different industries; - Experts for the security and protection of Information Systems; - Auditors, economists and financial forensics; - Lawyers, business law experts; - Independent Investigators and licensed detectives; - CCTV operators trained to work on modern software platforms; - Technical persons for designing and installing Security equipment; Security consulting means systematic research of security threats and risks facing businesses including analysis, assessment, and recommendations. Our main goal is to provide clients with information about business climate in which they operate and deliver services that fit our clients’ needs. Assessment plan involves identification of the threats and determination of countermeasures when physical and technology services are in place. Assessment plan also incorporates liaison with government authorities, at first place with police department. Risk consulting is optimal procedure, efficient, and organized in accordance to the highest professional standards.



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