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Back in 2013, three guys started a business by building digital products differently. Today, Q is serving clients around the globe with the no-bullshit approach. Driven by results and our own values, we’re taking challenges across industries and growing together with our clients.

Move Fast - We're pragmatic like to keep things simple, and say no to over-engineering or over-thinkings. It's better to do 80% today than 100% tomorrow, and a quicker way is usually a better way.

Be Kind - In Q, we keep our word and never break promises. We value others, always look for win-win scenarios, and put ourselves in the shoes of others. Whatever the situation, we are candid, appreciative of other people's views, and make time to help and support each other.

Do More - Going the extra mile is what we always do in our work. We are not focused on the problem but on finding a solution instead. We take the initiative, deliver more than expected, and push our boundaries each day.

Q begins and ends with its people. We are proud of our hand-picked senior talent that helps our clients transform their digital products and evolve together with their business. Our product teams are passionate about technology, learning and sharing the know-how with the world.

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