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About us

We are Red Black Tree, a Serbian software company with over 10 years of experience working for clients from EU and USA.

With a passion for technology and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in developing complete software solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses across diverse industries, from architecture and development to testing and maintenance.

In our approach to work, we nurture professionalism, quality, respect for deadlines and constant striving for personal progress, always maintaining the passion and enthusiasm that brought us here.

Today, boasting a workforce of approximately 70 dedicated professionals, we have expanded our presence with offices in Belgrade and Čačak, and we are still growing.

We actively seek hard-working, dedicated, dynamic individuals who are not afraid to take risks, learn from others, and embrace new challenges.

Tech stack

JavaScript TypeScript React Next.js Vue Nuxt Angular NgRx Cypress Karma Jest Kotlin Java Python Spring Boot Quarkus Java EE JUnit Flask Node.js NestJS Microservices serverless SOA distributed systems and event-based architecture Docker Kubernetes Helm Redis Postgres Kafka Swagger OpenAPI AsyncAPI AWS Microsoft Azure


Hybrid working model

We are practicing a hybrid working model and a flexible approach to combining onsite and remote working settings.

Modern equipment

Regardless of your place of work, you'll be equipped with state-of-the-art macOS devices.

Flexibility in working hours

All of our employees are enjoying a flexible start to a work day.

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing of our employees is paramount. That’s why all of our employees are provided with a private health insurance package, as well as unlimited and fully paid sick leave days.

Support for new parents

As a support for our colleagues who are starting families, we’ve designed specific measures that facilitate this life transition:

• Fully paid maternity leave for moms-to-be

• Fully paid maternity leave (in the amount of last salary), for new mothers for a whole year

• 6-hours working day for new mothers and fathers

• Gifts for newborn babies, children and weddings.

Carefully designed onboarding

Our thoughtfully crafted onboarding program includes the guidance of a trained mentor, ensuring that new colleagues receive personalized support and a smooth transition into their new role.

Development and growth

In addition to a carefully designed onboarding process, our employees receive a range of ongoing activities and mechanisms that support their career development:

• Experienced seniors to work with.

• Dynamic and challenging end-to-end projects.

• New technologies in action.

• Possibility to switch projects and technologies.

• In-house library, training and lectures.

• HR support and ongoing training for up-and-coming Team Leads.

• English language lessons.

Additional paid vacation days

All of our employees are granted additional vacation days after their first year at RBT, with more days granted in subsequent years.

Additionally, this benefit applies to parents and Team and Project Leaders, as a testament to our commitment to recognizing and supporting their professional and personal journeys.


We recognize when our employees go above and beyond in their work, by rewarding their efforts with bonuses, additional vacation days and gifts.

Our referral bonuses reflect our appreciation for employees who refer other talented people to join our team.

Team building

To counterbalance the challenges of remote work, we regularly organize team-building activities.

Our people

Bojan R. Radovanović

QA analiyst

Mihailo Aleksić

Software Developer Junior

Darko Petrović

DevOps engineer

Ivana Ivanović

Team Lead

Bojan Radovanović

Project Lead Senior

Selection process

RBT selection process consists of several steps, all conducted online and with efficiency in mind:

  • Initial interview with HR and one or more Team or Project Leaders (cca 20min)
  • English test (cca 20min)
  • Technical Assessment and Interview with one or more Team or Project Leaders (depending on the position and the project)
  • Final offer


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