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Resolve provides award winning IT support to a range of businesses within South Yorkshire and beyond. We combine a friendly, honest approach to IT with expert knowledge to find solutions that suit individual business needs.

Since Resolve was founded in 2004, we have grown from a laptop on a kitchen table to a company full of friendly staff who spend their days pondering over complicated IT issues – so you don’t have to! Now a Microsoft Silver Partner, we pride ourselves on being different from your usual IT crowd because we translate IT jargon – like “cloud backup” and “ransomware” – into plain English, allowing you to choose the best solutions for your business.

Every time we fix an IT issue we ask the customer to let us know whether the service was “excellent”, “satisfactory” or “not so good”. We monitor every result to make sure we’re delivering the best service possible and we publish the responses live on our website. Some of the words customers have used to describe us in the past include “helpful”, “efficient”, “excellent”, “proactive”, “quick” and “awesome”.

Our service offering expands from IT Support through to the ins and outs associated with IT Connectivity, Communication, Installation and Protection. For a full breakdown of our offering head over to our 'services' page https://resolve.co.uk/services


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